5 Important 2019 SEO Trends You Need To Know

A new era of technology is finally here. 2019 might give us brand-new machinery that will run the Search Engines along with the latest Artificial Intelligence technology.

With the rapidly changing world of search engines, we also need to evolve our Search Engine Optimization techniques. Here is (almost) everything you need to know about SEO techniques that will be trending in 2019.

Let’s Get Started…

1). Intent Of The Search


When you search for anything online, what is your intent, the most basic one might be

a). You want to excess some sites like YouTube, Facebook etc.

b). You want to gain some information like a movie show timings.

c). Or you just want to make a transaction like sending money or receive a service.

In any case, what is the one and most important job of your website or web application? It is to serve the Intent of the user. Give them what they want not only because it’s the right thing to do or because it brings them back, It is important because Google considers the Intent behind every keyword, and if you are just filling your SEO with trending keywords which have nothing or very little to do with your product, you are not giving what your audience wants and it will definitely hurt your position on SERPs.

2). Talk The Language They Are Talking In


Just by staying aware of the trends in your targeted audience might give you a good understanding of how to proceed with your SEO implementation. For example, recently reports of research conducting internet content consumption was out, which showed that 87% of the users are preferring video content over any other form. Now your work is to implement this idea on your targeted audience and observe what they want and how they want it and then do the noble thing of giving them just that.

3). Don’t Snooze In The Race Of Technology


Because of the current Mobile-First Model of Google, it has become so necessary to keep your mobile app working flawlessly and be user-friendly. Because 61% of people leave a site if they found it complicated or hard to use. Do it for both of your sites, but because of the large number of people surfing on mobile and the mobile-first index, your mobile app will play the key role in the race. Also, make your content well categorized, the problem with any content is because it is long, but it is because it is raw and not categorized well enough.

4). Increase The “Dwell Time”


The most famous technique of 2018 was Rank Brain, a core algorithm used by Google that displays the search result with the help of a machine learning system that helps in increasing the dwell time. In simpler words, it makes your audience stick to your website for a longer time, if they bounce from your content more frequently your ranking will surely affect. So, don’t indulge in complicated ways of sharing information, make it straight forward and make it interesting. Because the more time you spend on improving your Dwell Time, the better your rank gets.

5). Look Out For New Fashion


Just like the fashion industry, Google’s SERPs are also evolving rapidly. It is always trying to include more and more information in less area. “Featured Snippet” is one of them, and there will be many more. A different approach is required for every special place on SERPs, hence it becomes necessary to keep yourself updated about trending SEO techniques.

Source: https://letsgosocial.in/

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