White Hat SEO Strategies To Increase Traffic

What Is White Hat SEO?

The constantly increasing competition in the field of SEO has resulted in a decrease in the integrity of techniques related to it. The process of implementing SEO techniques which are out of the ethics code of different search engines like Google is called Black Hat SEO. Black Hat SEO might be able to produce positive results sooner but it might also get you blocked from any search engine permanently.

To tackle this problem every search engine has issued a set of guidelines that must be followed in order to keep the integrity. All the techniques which fall into those categories are called White Hat SEO.

Issues With Black Hat SEO.

Not only Black Hat SEO is vulnerable, but it is also tough, easily outdated and can result in a backlash from the audience. To understand the problems let first understand the mechanism behind it. BHS is a combination of techniques like clocking, purchasing links and Keyword stuffing among many others. The problem is that all these methods are being used to fool the search engine not to serve the audience.

And after a point, people notice this and stop visiting your website, report your content or worse. Also, the algorithm in these search engines are constantly evolving and eventually you will run out of tricks and the only option there will be is to follow White Hat SEO.

Why White Hat SEO?

As we now know BHS techniques are not good for you and your website, so let’s learn about the alternative and why it should be your only option when it comes to SEO.

But first, you have to understand that gaining genuine traffic for your website and pushing it to higher SERPs ranking takes time. It is long and many times a frustrating process but if you do it correctly you are not only getting better rank but also making some genuine audience.

White Hat SEO, what it means?

A simple Google search will give you a pointer list that can summarize the concept but in its core, White Hat SEO is really wide. Perhaps the most basic yet important thing regarding this is, that you should focus on improving the experience of your audience and not on the search engine.

To put it in simple words, don’t indulge in false advertisements and purchasing links not only it might get you banned but also this discourages the audience when the search results don’t match their requirements. To make it sure that you are not violating guidelines of search engines here are some tips.

Ignore Keyword stuffing: filling your SEO text with random keywords will get you unwanted audience and decrease your chances to rise.

Clocking your original content with something else in order to attract the algorithm is a sure way to get banned.

Offer Quality Content and Services that resonate with your brand and your brand only anything else is just a distraction.

Not stuffing keywords doesn’t mean that you can’t use them, use Keyword-Rich Meta Tags with deep description and you are good to go.

Work on the loading time of your website and make it user-friendly for every device, if you do this, you are already leading with the race.

Source – https://letsgosocial.in/

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