The Need For App Store Optimization To Increase Mobile App Downloads.


Creating an application is a lot similar to opening a business, like a restaurant, where you might have the best venue, great staff, and delicious food but it’s all pointless if no one knows where your restaurant is located.

Same goes for app development, there are thousands of Apps for just editing a photograph. Google Play currently holds 2.6 billion apps out of which only a few thousand have made it big, rest are lost or still trying and ASO can help you to stay relevant and not get lost in the crowd.

How ASO Works


ASO or App Store Optimization is a similar process to Search Engine Optimization. Both used for increasing the visibility of targeted product (Web Page, Website or App). ASO is exactly what increases the visibility of your app in the marketplace. ASO also helps determine whether they actually download it.

Factors Affecting ASO


There are quite a few factors on which the success of your App and App Store Optimization depends.

1). Relevant Keyword: This goes without saying that is you want to be on the first place of a search list you have to include a lot of relevant keywords. Also, you want to define the targeted audience to decide the keywords according to them.

2). Positive Reviews: No matter if you are one of them who leaves feedback or not, but if you see something with great reviews, your tendency to trust the product increases. A simple and effective technique that will definitely work with genuine good reviews.

3). Social proof: Although reviews work well on most of the people, there are some who would judge your popularity by how much relevant you are on social media. If they see a post on their Facebook wall or a video advertisement on Instagram the chances of that person to relate with your brand increases immensely.

4). Revenue: The profit of your business also affects your app’s visibility on the play store, so if you have a strong revenue stream, chances are your app is also getting a good treatment on your behalf.

5). App Downloads: This is something which will come to your way with time, but once you got this things will get quite easy. The likely hood of someone trusting an app who has several downloads is quite high, ask yourself we all do this.


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